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Ampus programs

Work is changing. So must your education.

Work and careers are changing. The one-size fits all approach doesn’t work anymore. Every aspiring manager needs focused training in functional areas as well as 21st century management skills.

Our programs are designed from scratch, for the new world of work. We understand how companies are changing, what they want from their recruits and the role that trained managers will play.

By joining an Ampus program, you will be ready for the future of work. You will be ready to have the career of your dreams.


Why Ampus

2.5 lac students in India today end up without a job after an MBA. If you want to avoid becoming one of them, Ampus is the right choice for you.

Ampus is not just another B-school. Ampus is set up by people just like you, who understand today’s companies and the skills needed to become effective in the workplace. We know that traditional programs are not working. That is why we are building a new kind of institute from scratch.

Our programs are designed for specific jobs. You will get the skills and knowledge you need for today’s modern workplaces. We have worked closely with companies, industry and our partners to design focused, cutting-edge management programs. Our fresh curriculum, locations in the middle of business-districts and redesigned placement experience will make sure you are ready for a challenging career in your area of interest.

Why take a risk and spend money without the guarantee of a job? Instead, come to Ampus, our promise is to prepare you exactly for a career matched to you.

We need a new kind of program - specialized Master’s in business designed for a specific job function in a specific industry.
— Henry Mintzberg
“The future of work consists of learning a living”
— Marshall McLuhan

 Ampus is a new paradigm in higher-education for India, founded by the most credible entrepreneurs and industrialists to remake professional education and prepare thousands of young Indians for 21st century careers.

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