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Ampus programs

Work is changing. So must your education.

Work and careers are changing. The one-size fits all approach doesn’t work anymore. Every aspiring manager needs focused training in functional areas as well as 21st century management skills.

Our programs are designed from scratch, for the new world of work. We understand how companies are changing, what they want from their recruits and the role that trained managers will play.

By joining an Ampus program, you will be ready for the future of work. You will be ready to have the career of your dreams.


Why Ampus

Why should you choose an Ampus program over all the other options you have?

Because Ampus is set up by people just like you, who understand today’s companies and the skills needed to become effective in the workplace. We know that traditional programs are not working and most graduates end up unemployed. Why take a risk and spend money without the guarantee of a job?

At Ampus we have created new-age management programs from scratch. Our programs are designed for specific jobs. You will get the skills and knowledge you need for today’s modern workplaces. We have worked closely with companies, industry and our partners to design focused, cutting-edge management programs.

Our promise is to give you the education and experience so you are ready for your ideal job.

The job market of the future will consist of that work that robots cannot perform. This will be blue-collar work of pattern recognition. Making sense of what you see
— Michio Kaku
The experience of being a student, now confined to school and university will expand to include workers, those looking for work and those who want or need to retrain
— Barry Chudakov

Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.
— Warren Bennis
“The future of work consists of learning a living”
— Marshall McLuhan

About Ampus

a platform for better careers

Ampus is a dedicated platform for professional and management education founded by eminent persons from business and industry.

We believe management work and careers are changing and our students are simply not ready for the jobs that will come their way. This can only be remedied by reimagining what an effective professional program looks like for a 21st century market.